Edstrom General Contractors Incorporated

Pearl Shops Center

Thornton, Colorado


Banking:                                                                     Insurance:

Heartland Bank                                                                                                             Keller -Lowry Insurance Co., Inc.

100 Garfield Street, Suite 400                                                                                   1777 South Harrison St., Suite 700

Denver, CO  80206                                                                                                        Denver, CO  80210

Lisa McKean,Vice President  303.984.4100                                                            James Pitre      303.756.9909



Accounting:                                                                 Bonding:

Bauerle and Company, PC                                                                                              Allied Insurance Co.

1720 S. Bellaire Dr., Suite 1010                                                                                        7979 East Tufts Ave., Ste. 1700

Denver, CO  80222                                                                                                             Denver, CO  80237-2843                                                                                                           

Damian L. Ederhoff, CPA   303.759.0089                                                                        Jim Tierney, Bond Manager   303.843.4680

Construction Management

Design / Build


General Contracting

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